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Aug. 15th, 2015

adorable laugh

Nonsense Intro

You're my obsession....Photobucket 

I heard that Akanishi Jin was looking for a girlfriend, so I volunteered myself.

My daily rants are about Jin Akanishi

Being the dork I am,
I shouted Jin's name in public. 

Almost 90% of my journal are all about spazzing over a man named Jin Akanishi though I have other fandoms than Jin himself. XD Feel free to add me> I don't bite that i assure you. Don't expect me to add you back if you just added me out of nowhere, a little hello would be nice.XD Personal entries are f-locked of course and I rarely post anything personal anyway, so you can't really find something interesting in this journal aside from occasional graphics posts.^___^

You can also check my kat-tun lousy graphics @ kattun_graphics and probably later i'll post different graphics here of my other crazy fandom aside from my you know, my crazy obsession. XD

Rules regarding my few graphics: NONE (pretty simple right? Just don't own them! (*_*)V!!!)

Jun. 14th, 2009

adorable laugh

short entry...

How are you f-list?

resurrected....XDCollapse )

Apr. 30th, 2009

adorable laugh

Poll for our Community Project


Please don't forget to answer our POLL HERE . We need more YES votes especially from our graphics maker. Tell your friends who might be interested. We advised you to read the details first before voting. 1 Lucky Voter and participants will have the chance to win kat-tun goodies if the project happen.

banner credit: akanida

Jan. 21st, 2009

Mighty Gu Jun Pyo

Boys Over Flower cast banners

Just posting some banners I made for my recent kdrama obsession..^___^
Boys Over Flower <3333...
I originally posted them at hydkorea (great community!).


Almighty Gu Jun Pyo...XDCollapse )

Dec. 10th, 2008

jinjin smoki&#39;n like a true bad boy

KAT-TUN FO Banners


to the lousy grapix....Collapse )

I don't know the standard size of an FO Banner so it's a bit random but most them are 500X300. Just modify it according to your lay-out.

Credit  Scans to:pornvilai 

And the rest below i made them long long time ago when I was practicing the coloring thing so i might as well include them..hehehe!


for the rest click here...Collapse )
Credit scans: jone_records

Dec. 2nd, 2008

adorable laugh

White Xmas PV GIF's Part II

Emo King and Queens...XDCollapse )

I almost made gifs for the entire PV..hehe! Hope you find it nice.
Comments are pretty much appreciated. No need to ask permission if you want to use them for forums, header , signatures and such. Just one small request please DON't hotlink them.

Nov. 30th, 2008

jinjin smoki&#39;n like a true bad boy

White Xmas PV Gifs + Icons

Merry White XmasCollapse )


I will update the icon gif's tomorrow for the other member..XD I almost gave up doing icon gif's it's so hard to reduce and calculate the size that's why I only made few but hopefully tomorrow i'll have the strenght to do more...:-)I know most of what i did are Jin's solo part but if you have any favorite scenes in the PV or from the making of you can request for it and i'll try to make one or two for you. XD

And it is my first time to actually officially post my icons so, sorry in advance if they are not that good.

Comments are love, as always..

Edit: For Part 2 Click Here

Aug. 13th, 2008

adorable laugh

Resources List


My Super Awesome Resources...Collapse )


Deviant Resources

1. crazykira
2. huejuice
3. ainohanako
4. kissncontrol
5. julkusiowa
6. hawksmont
7. xCassiex24
8. narcoticplease
9. sanami276
10. chokingonstatic
11. mutsie
12. armyofdolls
13. redheadstock
14. shiranui
15. meldir
16. lpdragonfly
17. dweddle
19. tackybrush
20. keymoon
21. Bourniio
22. So-ghislaine
23. magnolia-street
24. victoriaely
25. scary-miss-mady
Note: If i've used any of your resources in my graphics without crediting please let me know.XD </div>

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