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Hey you are my Pinky....

Dark Heart
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Who I am is what I do...What I do is Who I am....
Who am i?
Whindy a.k.a dhen. 24. Full-blooded Filipina.Can't handle multiple fandoms. Believe that she was a dog in past life. EMO. Random. Generous friend. Seldom rants. Possessive. Semi-conservative but open-minded. Easy to please. Loves books.Hopeful Graphics learner. Yuroshiku! (*-*)V
My fandoms ranges from everything to anything. It can easily change. But right now my current obsessions are AKANISHI JIN of KAT-TUN,Seto Kouji from Koizora Series, Gong Yoo from Coffee Prince, Ssangchu Couple of We Got Married(bring them back please!)Chuck Bass of Gossip Girl(i'm loving your scarf man!).
Asian Dramas & Movies I Like:
Coffee Prince,Princess Hours,Hana Kimi Japan,Hana Yori Dango,Crows Zero, Rookies, Gokusen 1& 2, Nodame Cantabile, Nobuta wo Produce, Anego, Hotaru no Hikari, Koizora, Kurosagi, My Boss My Hero,Fantasy Couple,Tada Kimi wo Aisheteru, Be With You,Yukan Club,Proposal Daisakusen,Pride,Good Luck,Long Vacation, Love Generation, Engine,Orange Days, 1 liter tears.My Wife is a Gangster, Galileo, Windstruck, My Sassy girl,Itoshi Kimi E,Death Note, Azumi,Dororo,Devil Beside You, Fated to Love You, Hello My Teacher, GTO, Stand-up, Attention Please,Que Sera Sera, My Name is Kim Sam Soon, Painter of the Wind, Hong Gil Dong, Boys over flower,Full House and I could go on and on..and on..XD

Watching:Atashinchi no danshi ♥♥♥, Konkatsu, BOSS, Story of a Man..Gossip Girl Season 2
Reading: Brida

Anime: One Piece & Naruto

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