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adorable laugh

Nonsense Intro

You're my obsession....Photobucket 

I heard that Akanishi Jin was looking for a girlfriend, so I volunteered myself.

My daily rants are about Jin Akanishi

Being the dork I am,
I shouted Jin's name in public. 

Almost 90% of my journal are all about spazzing over a man named Jin Akanishi though I have other fandoms than Jin himself. XD Feel free to add me> I don't bite that i assure you. Don't expect me to add you back if you just added me out of nowhere, a little hello would be nice.XD Personal entries are f-locked of course and I rarely post anything personal anyway, so you can't really find something interesting in this journal aside from occasional graphics posts.^___^

You can also check my kat-tun lousy graphics @ kattun_graphics and probably later i'll post different graphics here of my other crazy fandom aside from my you know, my crazy obsession. XD

Rules regarding my few graphics: NONE (pretty simple right? Just don't own them! (*_*)V!!!)


addicted? wanna try rehab? lolz

dearest brouhaha,

tsk tsk tsk

i've got a number for a rehab centre for actor addiction. lolz.

so u ditched 'that' korean actor, eh?

tingnan lng naten pag balik nun.. susumbong kita! bwahaha.

ala pa akong ma post bruo! lolz. my lj's soooo darn empty.

Re: addicted? wanna try rehab? lolz

hahaha! bruha! welcome to lj...

ayoko magparehab!! this is the addiction i don't want to get rid of..! hahaha!

mag-post ka lang ng magpost! hehehe

sa wakas may makakausap na rin ako nin tagalog dito sa lj! nyahaha! total nosebleed na ako sa english...

*points to my icon* ok ba?

wat the...

what's with that yamapi dialogue? ~_`


what ever happend to ur date? that advanced?! lolz. 2015, huh?



im off to bed.

Re: wat the...

hahaha! claim ko yan somewhere! hehehe

i edited the date para pagbukas ng lj ko yan ang 1st post na makikita.. hehehe!
me too!! ^^o
if this is what all addiction is like,, make me an addict more!!! XDDD
*is obsessed as well* *_*
yehey! my new JIN obsessed classmate! welcome to JIN-Obsessed World..!!hahaha!
I think the more JIN i see the more i will be obsessed about him, and you have loads here on your lj! ^#_#^
*the gifs killed me*
hahaha..from time to time i post gifs here specially if there is new PV because i don't really like to post personal things except in few cases,hehehe! but since we opened a community i'll be posting the gifs there, i guess or sometimes here, i don't know..hahaha! XD
i saw those as well! XD
i havent got any chance of really going into the new comms that i have joined,,, *ack work is being an ass*
year end reports and all! ^^o
Doumo, I used the FO banner that you made. :)
The one from Hanako, and Ohmy, It was gorgeouuuss. *_*
You're awesome!
Can I add you as a friend?
I'm Margaret, 15 years old, and I heart Jin too.
Although it only started 3 years ago. =P
Hello there..XD Nice to know that people are actually using my not so good banners..hehehe! It makes me happy..-:)
Of course, you can add me..I'll add you back.
Oh my you're so young and i'm getting so old for this fandom..hahaha! I'm your ate..hehe!
Why am i not surprised that you heart Jin? ^__^ That's glad to know, we can fangirl together.
No, super ganda kaya!
Aww, but I won't literally call you 'ate' ah. :)))
Yeaaahh, I can't believe he didn't sing live @ heyheyhey.
What the heck is wrong with him? :-(
Wow! You're Filipino too!
Woot! <:-p
Yes i am..full-blooded, needless to say...hekhek!
Are you from manila?
Yes. :)
Just finished posting my 'intro' post. :)
Go view. :DDDD
guess who this is? i have a new journal now, mind adding me back? :) *hint* someone thought one of your gifs was of ayase haruka <33 :p
uhhmmm...loller_pop is that you?hahaha! I hope i'm right...(*_*) I won't add you unless I get it right..Just kidding..Lolz...your hint gave me a big smile again...I clearly remember that ayase haruka gif incident..LMAO! Anyway, is that reaaly you? Nevermind, i'll add you back no matter who you are.(*__*)V
Correct, haha omg that incident was too funny, seriously, that person was serious XD LOL. Yes its me, haha ive been wanting to change journals for a while now, my old one seems unorganized to me :P

And PS: I have an icon comm but dont know if I should switch my new account to there, cause it seems to be a big hit, LOL XD
Wow that was a good guess! hehehe! Yeah can't forget that incident.Too funny. I wanted to change mine too! Well if i could just change my username...hahaha! Not that i don't love jin anymore but kinda regret it a bit I should have thought of a much more flexible name.Weird.(*_*)

Oh what icon community? Did i missed that? (o-0) Sorry. I'll join. XD Can i affiliate it with kattun_gaphics?
lol btw ive decided to keep this old journal of mine after all XD *runs in emberrasment* I cant let go of what ive had for so long XD oh and you could always buy a rename token ^^ but your name is better than mine lol, i dont even know what mine means. XD Oh and you are too kind to join mine t__t haha, ill join yours too though ^^ :DD
otanjoubi omedetou happy birthday!!! ^-^
arigatou...wow thanks for the greetings and sorry for the late reply...xd
ur welcome! :))
more birthdays to come and more fangurling to spread. lol
Happy Birthday!
I know it's very very late for me to say my thanks but really thank you for remembering my b-day. I haven't open my lj for ages i wonder what's going on....kekeke!
Haha. OKay lang yan. :D I hope you can catch up. Ako nga grabe, I've been neglecting je fandom. lol
Hi! I'm KAT-TUN fan. Especially, Jin 's fan :D. I want to find every about him and KAT-TUN. Can you add me?