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adorable laugh

Nonsense Intro

You're my obsession....Photobucket 

I heard that Akanishi Jin was looking for a girlfriend, so I volunteered myself.

My daily rants are about Jin Akanishi

Being the dork I am,
I shouted Jin's name in public. 

Almost 90% of my journal are all about spazzing over a man named Jin Akanishi though I have other fandoms than Jin himself. XD Feel free to add me> I don't bite that i assure you. Don't expect me to add you back if you just added me out of nowhere, a little hello would be nice.XD Personal entries are f-locked of course and I rarely post anything personal anyway, so you can't really find something interesting in this journal aside from occasional graphics posts.^___^

You can also check my kat-tun lousy graphics @ kattun_graphics and probably later i'll post different graphics here of my other crazy fandom aside from my you know, my crazy obsession. XD

Rules regarding my few graphics: NONE (pretty simple right? Just don't own them! (*_*)V!!!)


me too!! ^^o
if this is what all addiction is like,, make me an addict more!!! XDDD
*is obsessed as well* *_*
yehey! my new JIN obsessed classmate! welcome to JIN-Obsessed World..!!hahaha!
I think the more JIN i see the more i will be obsessed about him, and you have loads here on your lj! ^#_#^
*the gifs killed me*
hahaha..from time to time i post gifs here specially if there is new PV because i don't really like to post personal things except in few cases,hehehe! but since we opened a community i'll be posting the gifs there, i guess or sometimes here, i don't know..hahaha! XD
i saw those as well! XD
i havent got any chance of really going into the new comms that i have joined,,, *ack work is being an ass*
year end reports and all! ^^o