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jinjin smoki'n like a true bad boy

KAT-TUN FO Banners





I don't know the standard size of an FO Banner so it's a bit random but most them are 500X300. Just modify it according to your lay-out.

Credit  Scans to:pornvilai 

And the rest below i made them long long time ago when I was practicing the coloring thing so i might as well include them..hehehe!





Credit scans: jone_records


sure.. i don't know if the size will fit in your layout but feel free to resize it.
the bottom few couldnt fit my layout. so i look the top one! :D requesting more kame's fo banner as well. im a new kattun/kame fan (:
yeah i figured that those are more likely will not fit with most of the lj layouts..i can make you a kame FO banner, if you have any specific pic of kame you can send it to me and i'll try to make one for you + plus the text you want to put in it...btw, welcome to this fandom...hehehe!
here's the picture: http://i268.photobucket.com/albums/jj40/jaesther/normal_LIPS20photoshoot9.jpg

thanks (: do it only when you're free okay? haha i just need a friends only banner! thankyou. ^^
i really loved the 3rd one from the bottom but its too long for my layout T.T

is that jin on ur icon? *__* sexy. haha.
ok i already saved the pic..

yep i'll do it whem i'm free tonight but don't expect a nice graphics okay? hehehe..
that's an early warning just in case...*grins*

yes that's jin the queen i mean king of hiprolls...ROFL!

thanks! ^^ haha can i have the font almost the same as the 3rd banner from the bottom? xD haha.

i will like the graphic for sure, no worries. after all, its the thoughts that count! (:

akame.. who's the male one?! hahaha! X:
ah that font that looks like a bar code thingy? hehehe..sure i'll use that one...

hehehe...yes exactly it's the thoughts that count...XD

Lolz...i don't know they both can be girly at the same time...ask the akame shippers out there..hahaha!
heheh ueda-kun looks so pretty in ur icon ^^

haha yup thanks alot! (: hehe. im not an akame fan (maybe not yet xD) haha but i keep seeing akame videos/icons/pictures really everywhere. haha omg.
yes very pretty that they always say that he's more like a girl..I say look at his muscles man! hehehe

welcome to the club! I'm neither akame fan nor hater, i'm just more concentrated on jin alone, well sometimes with the other members..hXD
thanks! :D hehehe.
and thankyou for the banner! ^^
haha but ueda-kun is more to pretty. and IS YOUR ICON KAME?! OMGOMGOMG HAHAHA HE'S VERY CUTE! :D
ahhhh~! :D